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Adrian is a very promising and intelligent young director... He is one of the most accomplished, generous and promising people I've ever been around.

Austin Pendleton, Award Winning Actor, Director, & Playwright

Hire this man for anything. He's great. And cool people too.

Stephen Adly Guirgis, Playwright (2015 Pulitzer Prize for Drama)

Adrian's biggest strength as a director is his humanity. He understands people; what makes them tick, their insecurities, and he knows how to instill confidence in every person he directs.

Ian Belknap, Artistic Director,

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Hudson Theatre Works

Check out what's happening at my theatre company HTW, dedicated to work that is thought provoking, challenging and entertaining. Up next, Hamlet, February 14 to March 1.

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Spring 2020, I am teaching courses at Lafayette College and Kean University.
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Adrian Wattenmaker

Actor  Director  Dramaturg  Educator

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Adrian was born to be a director. As a child, there was nothing he enjoyed more than going to the movies or the theatre, absorbing the scenes and stories like a sponge. Growing up, he was lucky to turn his passion into a successful career. He is always looking for their next project or collaboration, so if you have an idea and would like to work with Adrian Wattenmaker, please get in touch.



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Misty Slope
Misty Slope


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